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28th Aug, 2016

Sailboat adventure


(no subject)

Has anyone else been to see the film? My review is <a href="http://feather-ghyll.livejournal.com/135000.html">here.</a> I enjoyed it in parts, although I wasn't very impressed by some of the additions and changes.

29th Jul, 2016



New film version of Swallows and Amazons released 19 August

A new film version of Swallows and Amazons is to be released on 19 August: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1227183/?ref_=nv_sr_1

The Daily Mail seems to like it (you will need to scroll down a fair way) but say that it has added Russian Spies ?

The Guardian
suggests that this is the BBC film discussed earlier and that there will be more.
However they also say that Titty has been renamed (bowdlerized ?) to "Tatty".

28th Sep, 2012



Yuletide is starting!

The Yuletide Rare Fandoms Exchange has opened fandom nominations! I'm going to nominate Swallows and Amazons, with Bridget, John, Nancy and Dorothea as characters (you only get four character slots :( ), and I'm the only one who's said so far on the planning post that I'll be nominating Swallows and Amazons, so if anyone else wants to nominate it too and get more characters covered, that would be awesome. if you do, it would be great if you could say in the comments here who you've nominated, so there's no duplication. Nominations close October 3rd.

27th Nov, 2011



Swallow and Amazons: the musical

Has anyone seen Swallow and Amazons: the musical yet ?
Apparently it was a smash at the Bristol Old Vic last year and is now about to go on tour

7th Nov, 2011



Short fic written for Day by Day Drabbles

Title: A Long Way from Home
Author: lilachigh

A Long way from Home

John Walker hit the water hard, plummeting down through it’s icy depths, black, blacker, the cold taking his breath, his pain and his memory. He fought his way to the surface – he must have fallen overboard from Swallow – what was Swallow? – but it was night and he’d promised not to sail in the dark again – except they did when they went to Holland, although they hadn’t meant to go to sea.

He fought for breath, automatically kicked off his sea-boots – why was he wearing boots? Susan would be so cross that he’d lost them. Who was Susan? And turned to float on his back.

Above was the night sky – the stars Titty knew by name. Who was Titty? Now the dark was broken by flames, explosions, men shouting, screaming. And then – silence.

The sea was calm – black, smooth and icy cold. He hardly felt the thud from the small lifeboat as it hit his shoulder. He gazed at the wooden planks above his head, reached up an arm to pull himself up and slid back into the sea, knowing he didn’t have the strength to clamber in. No, better just to float along on his back….he was comfortable now, sleepy…

“Jib-booms and bobstays, Captain John! Get in the boat. It’s not that difficult. Why, Roger could do it with one hand tied behind his back!” It was Nancy’s voice. Who was Nancy? Who was Roger? But one thing he did know, he wasn’t a Captain, he was a mere Sub-Lieutenant, the lowest rung on the naval ladder.

But the voice was insistent. He had the oddest feeling it was one he had often listened to before and it would not let him rest, driving him on to make a final effort to haul himself out of the bitter water. Finally he lay on his back, protected from the wind, gazing up as the sky lightened from black to grey and the stars went out. He found himself wondering if this was how Sinbad had felt before he was rescued. Who was Sinbad?

At last the sun heaved itself up from the deep. The thud, thud, thud of an engine pierced his mind – Roger – his brother! Memory flooded back. He found himself smiling. Yes, that young man would say this was a very good time to use one - and John was gazing up at a cloudless, pure blue sky by the time the rescue craft found him.


Yuletide nominations are starting soon!

Hi everyone, 

Just a quick heads-up - the nominations for the Yuletide Exchange will be starting soon! So far I'm the only one listed here as nominating Swallows and Amazons, so if anyone else wants to nominate the fandom, now's the time! It would also be good to coordinate character lists, since we can only nominate four characters per fandom this year. I intend to nominate Nancy, Titty, and two out of John, Dick, and Dot - but if anyone isn't nominating it and wants to request someone else, I could probably be persuaded :)

31st Jul, 2011



A heads up for a radio programme.

There's a programme on BBC Radio 4 on Thursday, "Paddling with Peter Duck", about Ransome and his boats. Details here.

BBC Radio 4, Thursday 4th August, 11-30 BST (GMT+1)

If you're outside the UK I don't think you can "listen again" on the iPlayer, but I think you can stream Radio 4 live over the internet.

2nd Jun, 2011

Pirate Izzy


My report on TARS AGM

This past weekend at Glasbury.

(Follow the fake cut)

17th May, 2011

Girl reader



BBC Films have announced that they'll be making a new adaptation of Swallows and Amazons. Thoughts?

12th Feb, 2011



I come bearing gifts to the Oracle!

First, gifts in the form of fanfic recs: this year's yuletide Fic Exchange saw five Swallows and Amazons fics!

We Climbed the Matterhorn Molly's POV, both backstory and future story.
Past Times Dick's POV,WWII
The Origins of the Momentous Naval Career of R. Nathaniel Turner Extracts of letters between Swallows Amazons, D's and Coots, WWII
A Mother's Lot Molly's POV, reflections
On the Burning Deck Nancy's POV, WWII

And the main link to the Swallows and Amazons section: here. Several previous yuletide's works are there (ideally, all of them are moving there at some point), plus a few others. I dare say most of you know the page already, but I thought it was worth putting in.

Finally, a little ficlet I wrote recently: Comfort. Nancy and Peggy centric, pre canon.

Now, having presented these, I humbly ask my questions. [There are good, fanficcy reasons for all of these, I assure you! :) ]

1. Is there any mention of John and/or Roger attending Dartmouth's Royal Naval College? At the time, they should have started going there at 13, but I don't think it's stated anywhere. I do remember that by Pigeon Post (where John is 13, assuming he's 12 in S&A) they're at different schools, but a) so are Susan and Titty, so it's not conclusive, and b) John's school is supposedly nearer the Lakes than Roger's, and occasionally there's skating. This doesn't really fit a school in Devon!
Someone in another comm thought there was something about it in Missee Lee, but couldn't specify further.

2. The Arthur Ransome Wiki says Dot apparently didn't go to a boarding school, but to a day one. I don't recall reading anything that would support this, possibly there's something in The Big Six?

3. Is there any mention of Boy Scouts/Girl Guides in the books? All I recall is that Missee Lee used to be a Girl Guide. Do the Swallows and Amazons give or seem to have any opinion on that, and on Guiding/Scouting as a whole? (As an interesting incidental fact, Taqui Altounyan was a Guide). 

Thank you very much for any help you can give me with these! [And hopefully future ones, should any arise :)]

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